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Streamline your ERP implementation training with SharpSCHEDULER™.
RWD Technologies
  "We used SharpSCHEDULER to support scheduling of training for a multi-phase global software implementation. The critical pieces provided by SharpSCHEDULER were the ability to quickly identify individuals needing specific training and to assign them to the necessary courses. In addition the tool provided instant visibility to scheduling conflicts among trainees, instructors or students. The reporting functionality enabled us to provide an almost real-time picture for compliance reporting.
During preparation and training roll-out NIKALogic supported our efforts, personalized customer service that went well-above that of other vendors. They provided just-in-time training as necessary. NIKALogic remained available and engaged throughout the project. At one point they even identified an issue that we were unaware of and walked us through its solution. It is this level of service that sets NIKALogic apart from others."

Debbie Allison
Certified Project Manager, Senior Training Consultant
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Inc.
  "SharpSCHEDULER is a critical component in managing training schedules for our large projects. Without this tool, we would spend non-value added time working with spreadsheets. We have used this tool for 5 years and the value it brings is pulling all of our components (i.e. trainees, trainers, courses, roles, classrooms, locations, etc.) together in one place to easily prepare for end-user training delivery."

Kimberly Pickle
Senior Manager, ERP Change Management & Training
South Florida Water Management District
  "SharpSCHEDULER was instrumental in managing our rollout of SAP to over 1,700 end users. By mapping end-users to specific roles and assigning those roles to training modules, we were able to pinpoint our training exactly where it was needed. During class scheduling, SharpSCHEDULER easily identified any double-booking of instructors or classrooms. The tool was also able to easily notify trainees of changes in class times or locations via email. We also used the reporting functionality to monitor trainee enrollment by manager and department to ensure trainees were enrolling to the appropriate classes. During training delivery SharpSCHEDULER’s online evaluation tool allowed real-time evaluation of trainee and instructor performance. This immediately pinpointed instructor issues as well as cut down on paper shuffling between remote sites and headquarters! Throughout our implementation process, NIKALogic was very responsive in adding customized features to deal with our unique needs."

Arlene McClurg
Employee Development and Compensation Manager